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We are an entrepreneurial consultancy dedicated to the development and growth of individuals, businesses and communities.

Igniting the ideas of the next generation of Entrepreneurs. Guiding those that want to start a business for the first time by turning their idea in to a business.
Don't just start a business, launch one! Use our proven framework for a successful launch in to the market with purpose!
Combine the expertise of our Entrepreneurial Business Consultants to accelerate the growth of your organisation.
Helping young people with the Ignite Programme

Igniting the ideas of the next generation of Entrepreneurs. Guiding those that want to start a business for the first time by turning their idea in to a business.

Don’t just start a business, launch one! The short-term pathway for a successful launch into the market with purpose.

Accelerate business growth with our Accelerator Programme

Builds on the short term to provide mid- and long-term sustainable growth with access to investment opportunities.

Whether it’s creating programmes to reduce the 689,000 young people at risk of NEET, supporting the growth of new and existing businesses within local communities, or working with organisations who want to stay ahead of change, we're a group of curious entrepreneurs who believe in using our skills and knowledge to find new and better ways of resolving critical social challenges.





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What makes us unique?

We are not coaches! We are Entrepreneurs building our own businesses and operate from a place of current knowledge and agility towards our clients and cohorts growth, an approach that focuses on getting shift done for an with those we work with.

As business owners ourselves we have seen first-hand how tough it can be with so much to learn, the burden of responsibility all whilst providing a fantastic product or service. 

Through our experience we have learnt that to grow a business it is not possible to take a one size fits all approach and that is why we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand you as an Entrepreneur and your business to ensure you achieve success.

Our guarantee to you is that if you absorb and action everything that we support you with, we will 100% back you until you achieve your goals.

Shift Momentum Entrepreneurial Business Consultancy


Using our experience and ever expanding network we can help you with designing a successful strategy and support you to implement it within your business. Once the strategy is in place we can then help you with the remaining building blocks required to build a successful and sustainable business.

We pride ourselves on ensuring those we choose to collaborate with on behalf of our clients and investments are those we have witnessed the delivery of what they specialise in, the combination of our EBC’s on our projects is what gives us confidence in the delivery of strategies we develop together for the benefit of our work.

Entrepreneurial Business Consultant's

Alex Hughes, Entrepreneurial Business Consultant at Shift Momentum

Alex Hughes


Planning – Community – Relationships

Award winning serial Entrepreneur turned investor, specialises in igniting ideas, launching businesses and accelerating growth of aspiring Entrepreneurs, a passion for building businesses with purpose that are underpinned by communities of brand advocates.

Christine Griffey, Entrepreneurial Business Consultant at Shift Momentum

Christine Griffey


Leadership – Management – Development

Founder of Shift Momentum, CEO of Silvertone Cleaning Company, investor to multiple businesses in the service industry and mentor to the leaders of those organisations. Christine helps people develop themselves to enable them to build efficient business through great leadership.

Michael Russell, Entrepreneurial Business Consultant at Shift Momentum

Michael Russell

Business Analyst

Focus – Analysis – Adaptation

A proven record of diagnosing, rectifying and continuously improving marketing, sales, and operations systems. With three businesses;  one in service, one in product sales and another in marketing – agility and reaction speed is crucial to an ever-changing market. 

Rachel Hales


Community – Partnerships – Purpose

A serial matchmaker, who sees the power of bringing people together to create meaningful connections. As the Founder of Get Synergised Rachel helps business clients embed corporate social responsibility objectives within their business strategy in order for them to profit as well as have positive impact on society.

Jamala Osman, Entrepreneurial Business Consultant at Shift Momentum

Jamala Osman


Storytelling – Social Media – Leadership

Known for her TEDx talk ‘From the block to the Bank’ – award-winning motivational speaker, spoken word artist and CEO of CatBud (a social enterprise creating pathways for young offenders); Jamala is passionate about community impact and helping others achieve greatness.

Dan Jones, Entrepreneurial Business Consultant at Shift Momentum

Dan Jones


Marketing – Sales – Strategy

Shopify Partner and Founder of the RUNESILK brand and the UK TENGA Store; Dan has built six-figure online stores in varying niches, and develops go-to-market strategies for eCommerce business owners.

Sam Couzens, Creative Assistant at Shift Momentum

Sam Couzens


Digital – Print – Branding

A creative designer who specialises in bringing brands to life with his slick design skills and a fantastic understanding of how to build relationships with clients’ to enable the best out of his team.

Oli Jenkins


Film – Social – Short form

Experienced Freelance Videographer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Skilled in Videography, Advertising, Social Media and Marketing. First Class Honours graduate in Film & Media Studies from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Betsy Wong

Commercial Property

Asset Management – Strategy – Negotiation

Like other chartered surveyors, my key skills are in surveying but I also specialise and help clients in setting up new teams, restructuring existing teams and managing major change projects. I also prepare strategic plans for business growth, cost minimisation and compliance. As an interim consultant, I step into roles at short notice to manage the workload.

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Shifties was founded out of a need of support for micro-business owners, a place where you can contribute as much or as little as you want and take as much as you need – for free.  

Building a business can be a lonely place and we believe collaboration and building relationships with other likeminded business owners is the key to success. If you’re seeking the opportunity to share your professional journey with a strong community of people ready to connect, learn and grow together, then we’re probably the best place for you.   


Our Partners and The Communities We Work With

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