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Shift Accelerator Programme

Our Shift Accelerator Programme has been developed to help business owners take their business to the next level. The 6-month programme will ensure the growth of your business is accelerated in an environment where you have the support and knowledge to make it happen.

Created by two award-winning business growth specialists with proven track records of success when it comes to scaling small businesses, the Shift Accelerator Programme enables you to take advantage of a network of hand-picked experts and a thriving business owner community. 

Limited to only 5 spaces per group, we want to make sure we are the right fit for each other. Register your interest today to book your free 15-minute call!

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I like it because it's a comprehensive and progressive programme, where all vital aspects of a business are analysed, explained and applied to our specific businesses. 

- Concetta Laquintana

Stages of the programme:

  • Month 1 – Goal Setting

In this session, we will look at where you are now and where you hope to be - when it comes to both your business and your personal life. We will also introduce you to the Shift Goals & Objectives toolkit, which will play a key role in helping you define your vision and smashing your goals. 

Mindset Mentoring Bonus Did you know that much of your business success is driven by your mindset? That’s right! A clear mindset can literally be the difference between success and failure. As an added bonus during the first month of the Shift Accelerator Programme, we’ll show you how to develop a clear mindset that will help you overcome challenges, smash your goals and 10X your results.  

  • Month 2 – Finance

We will go through how to manage the finances of your business and understanding the language of business. Why is it important and what key information, like pricing, scalability and sales targets, you should know to be in the best possible position to grow. We’ll also show you how to better analyse your business, allowing you to make informed decisions when it comes to reallocating cash; generating more income through increased ROI; increasing cash flow for growth; and optimising your bottom line for maximum return.  

  • Month 3 – Product Offering

In month 3, we will look at your brand positioning i.e. where your product/service fits in the market, including competitor analysis.  

Shift partner and business owner Lee Smith will also take you through defining your WIDIFY (Why I Do It For You). It’s a principle that he’s developed which enables businesses to better articulate what it is they do for their customers i.e. what problems do they solve, what benefits do they bring, etc.  

At the end of the day, you may have an incredible product or an outstanding service, but if you cannot explain to potential customers how it benefits them, you won’t garner many sales. That’s where WIDIFY comes in…  

By understanding who your target customers are and defining a set of customer personas - including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations and goals - you’ll be able to more clearly focus on your marketing, messaging and product offering to attract the most valuable visitors, leads and potential customers to your business.  

  • Month 4 – Marketing

In marketing month, you’ll get to work with some fantastic marketing agencies to develop your customer journey. This will help increase the number of leads you get and improve your conversion rates.  

You’ll also benefit from a 1:1 face to face audit with one of our marketing experts, in which they’ll help you review the customer personas you developed the previous month and provide you with some invaluable insights into how you can ensure your marketing material aligns with your customer journeys.  

We will look at your marketing touch points (on average there are 8) and we will help you identify where you can increase your conversion rate and decrease your dropouts. You’ll come away understanding what a brand is and why consistency in all your marketing messages is so important. 

  • Month 5 – Sales

How to convert your marketing strategy into sales, including developing your pitch, identifying opportunities, nailing negotiations and the all-important follow-up process.  

With your customer journey optimised and your WIDIFY developed, we will show you how to shift from selling a product/service to selling an experience by way of a powerful and impactful sales pitch that converts the maximum number of leads for your business. We’ll also go over the important and extremely beneficial role networking and collaboration can play when it comes to maximising your ROI.  

  • Month 6 – Operations

With targets set and a timeline in hand, the last session will provide you with the preparation required to scale the operations of your business. Off the back of this session, you will learn how to build a bible for your business that will give it strength as it scales.  

We’ll also cover how maintaining growth can (and usually does) have an impact on the day to day running of a business. It’s an element of business that’s often overlooked, but the reality is it’s absolutely essential. After all, you want to be running your business, not the other way around, right?  

It's not just a programme, you become part of our community!

Shifties Business Community

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I started the Shift Accelerator Programme not knowing much about business or how to expand in the right way. Alex and Danny really make you feel welcome and the knowledge have about small businesses is unbelievable. 

Since starting the course my confidence has grown no end. Can’t thank them both enough.  

Paul Smith - PGS Carpets



Created by Shift and our partner network of experts, this toolkit includes Cash-Flow, P&L, Sales Process and Pricing Templates, as well as much, much more. 

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Goal Setting - August 23rd 10:00 - 15:00

Finance - September 27th 10:00 - 15:00

Product Offering - October 25th 10:00 - 15:00

Marketing - November 29th 10:00 - 15:00

Sales - December 20th 10:00 - 15:00

Operations - January 24th 10:00 - 15:00

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What else can I expect from the Shift Accelerator Programme?

A Secret Facebook group for support and accountability

Free 15-minute Zoom call ahead of the programme 

The Shift Business Toolkit that you can use in many aspects of your business

Over 30 hours of face to face training with us and our experts

Limited to 5 per group to keep everything personal 

One full day Marketing Strategy workshop with brilliant Marketing Agencies

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