Danny Nourse


Danny Nourse

I’m testament to the fact that there are many different routes to the top in the corporate world, not all of which require a degree.

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Here’s my story (in a nutshell):

Despite staying on for sixth form, I was never inspired by studying. My A-Level grades were fairly underwhelming and I decided that any further education at university or college just wasn’t for me.  

Whilst considering my future, I stayed on in my part-time check-out job at Tesco and applied for a team leader position in order to increase my hours. I got the job and to my surprise, I found myself really enjoying the role and started to look for bigger and more exciting opportunities/challenges within the company.  

By the age of 24, I was a Senior Buying Manager, responsible for a £250 million technology category. I found myself travelling the world, managing a large procurement team and being talked about internally and externally as ‘somebody to watch’ for the future.

Just nine months after being promoted into a senior buying role at Tesco, I was headhunted by the Lenovo Group, a multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing and the US. I was appointed Product and Business Manager covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa – a reality that further broadened my international business exposure.

Today, my business experience encompasses go to market planning, P&L management, leadership, strategic supplier negotiation, multi-channel trading, customer proposition development, strategy planning and ultimately, delivering KPIs.

I am now happy to be putting this extensive experience to good use growing my own business portfolio, and relish the opportunity to share my skills through mentoring and collaboration with others. Shift Momentum and Big Bear Learning give me the ideal platform to do this.

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