3 step programme to help you get set for success

Shift Launch Programme

Over the course of just three months, we will help you improve 3 key fundamental areas of business (and show you why they are so important). The Shift Launch Programme will not only help you define what success looks like to you, but will also provide you with a definitive timeline to achieve it. You’ll also get access to our exclusive Shift Momentum support network.  

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The programme has given me a renewed passion for my business and has made me stop and look inwards at my business, where I want to grow too and what I should be doing to achieve it. The sessions are informal but very much focussed and educational, I believe it is just what small business owners need to take the next step in their business journey. I would recommend every small business owner to get involved with the programme, the one day a month you take out of your business will reward you many times over.

Cameron Charles Paul Accountant - Spinfex

Cameron Charles Paul - Spinfex Accounting

Stages of the programme:

  • Month 1 – Strategy & Productivity 

We’ll begin by taking you on a journey of discovery, which will give you the chance to define what you are hoping to achieve and break that down into a definitive strategy you can execute against. We will also provide you with the tools and methods needed to ensure you are focussing on the right daily tasks to help you move ever closer to your end goal.  

  • Month 2 – Finance & Product Offering

The second month will give us a chance to work on the essentials you need to manage the finances of your business. We’ll introduce you to our bespoke small business Finance Toolkit to make starting this process quick and easy. We will also look at your pricing, including how much you could be charging and, more importantly, your positioning in the market you operate in.

  • Month 3 – Sales

In the final month of the Shift Launch Programme, we will focus on growing your turnover using proven techniques and tools. You will finish the programme with absolute confidence in your own ability to grow your business’s pipeline and measure the success of your approach going forward.  

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It's not just a programme, you become part of our community!

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When I began this career path, all I knew is that I wanted to create videos, so I just picked up a camera and started making. I didn’t know ANYTHING about how to actually run a business. All the intricacies of it! Danny and Alex have really helped break down those down in a clear and concise manner. Their enthusiasm and positivity I also find extremely motivating.

Tom Fordham Videographer

Tom Fordham - Videographer


Created by Shift and our network of experts, this toolkit includes Cash-Flow, P&L, Sales Process and Pricing Templates, as well as much more.  

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Defining Your Strategy For Growth - October 18th 10:00 - 15:00

Setting The Foundations For Growth - November 22nd 10:00 - 15:00

Unlocking Your Sales Potential - December 13th 10:00 - 15:00

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What else can I expect from the Shift Launch Programme?

Free 15 minute Zoom call prior to programme

The Shift Business Toolkit Lite that you can use in your business

Delivered at an exclusive location

Three monthly face to face sessions with Alex & Danny from Shift Momentum

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