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You might have the perfect idea for a business – but what’s the secret to making that a very real success?

Our power-packed 3-month launch programme is designed for business owners who want to shift from just getting started in business to launching into a market with a purpose. The Shift Launch Programme has been designed for business owners who do not want to waste time and money on a maybe, and want to find out quickly if their idea is profitable. We like to think about it as a ‘launch in a box’. It’s everything you need to get a new business concept off the ground and into the market.

Business in a Box

From mindset to measurables, what’s in it for you?

Focus and clarity – from communications and marketing to strategy and sales. Build a purposeful, go-to-market plan with highly practical and implementable content. Get the accountability and everything you need to build the confidence to press ‘GO’ on your launch.

Having direct and indirect involvement in well over 100 launches, we have the experience, in-house expertise and framework to launch businesses on repeat.

It is important to remember when starting a business, especially in those first few years, that there really is little you can do wrong and it is simply a chance to try new shift on repeat, the trick is to fail or succeed with your ideas as quickly as possible.

The Shift Launch Programme has been designed for business owners who do not want to wait to find out if what they have is worth all the energy they put into it. 

Alex Hughes is our founder and award-winning entrepreneur, with multiple six-figure businesses and the experience required across various sectors. He brings a team of expert’s, powered by Shift Momentum, that supports anyone, and is committed to support those that entrust us by enrolling in our programmes.

The ability to take an idea or underperforming business and identify what is required to achieve the results they need in business has enabled him to help 100’s of small businesses hit that magic £100k sales target.

“It is precisely that milestone in any businesses life; whether three months in or three years, either way, it validates that I am on to something and permits me to invest more focus on building it. I wasted so much time building out complex strategies and expensive preparation when I first started five years ago, now we take an idea, build out a launch plan and get the sales before further developing the product.

Alex Hughes, Shift Momentum

We continue to do this with our ideas and for those that enrol with our support, and this is why we can guarantee the support you’ll receive until you get the result you are looking for. Confidence in what we have access to here, the expertise and support needed to launch businesses.”

If you would like to find out more and have a chat with Alex Hughes, who devised and runs the Launch Programme, please let us know right away and we’ll schedule you in to speak with him. We’re pretty sure he can tell you what you need to know about your business idea and give you the guidance you need.


Get Shift Done
When you join Get Shift Done, you become part of a private community of Entrepreneurs on a mission to accelerate growth. Hosted and managed by Alex Hughes our founder, he has a reputation to achieve results well ahead of expectations, with weekly drop in sessions, accountability and growth opportunities.

This subscription is the ultimate accompanying resource when you are on a mission to grow, both personally and with your business. The only people that get access are those that enrol in Shift Momentum training, our business partners and the Shifties Contributors, it makes for a very powerful group of people to be involved with.