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Shift Momentum is the fuel to power your business allowing you to be the engine. We exist to ignite ideas, launch businesses and accelerate growth.

Shift Momentum exists out of the need for support and to help the growth of micro-businesses. As business owners ourselves we have seen first hand how tough it can be, with so much to learn, the burden of responsibility all whilst providing a fantastic product of service. Sometimes it can feel isolating, unsure where to get answers and how to build a strategy to achieve purposeful goals. We decided that the support just didn’t exist without having to pay a lot of money to “I am your Guru” funnels. We provide tools, infrastructure, access to expertise, training programmes and a community to thrive in with our partnership with Shifties.

Guiding those that want to start a business for the first time. COMING SOON

Don’t just start a business, launch one! The short term pathway for a successful launch.

Builds on the short term to provide mid and long term sustainable growth. COMING SOON

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Shifties: Shifties was founded out of a need of support for micro-business owners, a place where you can contribute as much or as little as you want, and take as much as you need – for free. 

If you’re seeking the opportunity to share your professional journey with a strong community of people ready to support you at every level, then we’re probably the best place for you.