7.30pm 26th May 2021

Alex and Christine will be sharing the five biggest mistakes they made throughout their journey in business. 

Learn from our mistakes...

If you are planning on building a business in 2021 this is for you!
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In the past seven years Alex and Christine have started, built and worked with almost 100 businesses in some form. Throughout this journey, they have gained a huge amount of experience that both their own businesses and their clients now benefit from but the real lessons are in the mistakes we have made along the way!

“If we are honest with ourselves, in reflection, there are five things we did completely wrong that if someone told us at the time the pain it could cause would have changed the trajectory for us to our benefit. However, the good news is we are happy to share the five biggest mistakes we made in this process and what our businesses are doing differently as a direct result of them.”

Christine Griffey, Shift Momentum